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(Only applicable for PRC ID holders)

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Mobile APP Application

Only applicable for bank account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong

Electronic Signature
Please note: For any Online Application (via Electronic Signature) that cannot be completed within 45 days, it will be purged (or erased) automatically without further notice.

Notes for application

Notes for electronic signature application
Important Remarks:
  1. Only applicable for opening a personal account.
  2. Not applicable if you are a U.S. citizen or tax resident.
  3. You must hold a bank account with a licensed bank in Hong Kong.
  4. The method of fund transfer must be bank transfer.

Required documents:

Proof of identification (e.g. your HKID card or passport)
Hong Kong registered-bank account statement
Note 1: must match with designated bank account info in subsequent section
Note 2: most recent 3 months showing account holder name , residential address, bank account details

Spend a few minutes to complete an online application form.

We will contact you by phone after we have verified the details in the application.

Online Deposit:

Only applicable for transfer from your designated bank account in Hong Kong
Not less than HK$10,000
Upload deposit proof

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