In H1 2021, COVID-19 continued to ravage the world. The good news, though, is the global vaccination rate is on the rise, and the market looks forward to countries around the world recovering from the pandemic. Meanwhile, the U.S. has announced the launch of a massive financial rescue plan and the Federal Reserve has renewed its commitment to maintaining loose monetary policy. All these are forecast to stimulate economic recovery.

Looking ahead to H2 2021, despite optimism towards the global economy, it is expected that the recovery paths across countries and sectors will be divergent due to differing pandemic status and uneven policy impacts. Market trends are expected to be driven by Chinese and US inflation numbers as well as global monetary policy in H2. What, then, are the optimal investment strategies for global equities, Hong Kong stocks, A-shares and forex? Grasp opportunities in advance and make effective investments with Everbright Sun Hung Kai’s analysis.

Global Strategy

HK Stocks

FX Approach

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